Adventures in Flower Arranging

Who doesn’t love to have fresh flowers set out in their home?

It makes the place seem homier and they add such lovely natural beauty. However, it’s easy to feel intimidated when it comes to arranging flowers. You might be thinking… “How do I know what flowers go with what flowers?” “How do I arrange all these different kinds?” “Why do my flowers die so quickly?” “There are just too many choices.”

Take a breath. It’s actually pretty easy — especially if you remember some tips!

There are three great rules to follow when it comes to flower arrangements:
1. Look for either flowers of the same color or all the same flowers. This simplifies things and makes a big impact without putting much planning into it. If you take the monochrome approach remember to look for something to add some texture and dimension to the bouquet like berries, wildflowers, or a few unusual flowers.

2. Trim those flowers! Don’t forget to trim the bottoms — at an angle — and to remove any dead or dying pieces. Think of it as trimming the dead weight. This will help your flowers last and makes them look fresh and healthy.

3. Change the water. I know it’s tempting to finish arranging the flowers and then walk away. And that’s fine, but after a couple of days, CHANGE the water! Your flowers will last and you will get more bang for your buck!

Now that we’ve got some tips to remember for next time, let’s check out a step by step of a monochrome arrangement my friend Rachel put together.

Step 1: Lay out all of your choices .Rachel and I are both visual people. It really helps us to lay everything out to see our options before we begin a project. Flower arranging is no exception. I like to look over all of the flowers so I can start thinking about how I will put them all together.

Processed with Rookie

Step 2: Remember your tips — it’s time to trim!

Processed with Rookie

 Step 3: Take the flowers one by one and start putting together the arrangement almost like a bouquet.

Processed with Rookie

Step 4: Add those flowers to the vase. When you are picking out a vase, think about proportion and balance. In this demonstration, we had flowers with a large volume and so we balanced with a glass jar that could support the weight and size.

Processed with Rookie  Processed with Rookie

 Step 5: Fuss with the flowers. You might need to tie them together with ribbon or rope to get the tight look. You might need to pull some flowers out a bit to make them look balanced. The bottom line is flower arranging requires a bit of fuss work where you look at the bouquet from different angles and make sure you like what you see.

Processed with Rookie

And before you know it — you are done! See how great they turned out!?

Processed with RookieProcessed with Rookie

And that concludes this adventure in flower arranging! Keep it simple and remember those tips and you should be in good shape! Good luck!

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