Color Inspiration: Tackling Tangerine

As summer rages on (rages is the only word to describe the crazy heat out there), I feel more and more drawn to the colors of the season — bright tropical colors. I know you already read about coral recently in the blog and today’s post is about coral’s sister color in the orange family: tangerine.

59f5a083752f202e3dee91b9aeb6b874fd01db59931547f868d2626a3a398364 Tangerine is a little bit brighter and bolder than coral and really isn’t for the faint of heart. That doesn’t mean that are not a million ways to style it. Today, I am breaking down styling tangerine into three categories… 1. Ladylike Tangerine, 2. Tangerine in the (Pale) Shades, and 3. Tangerine and it’s BFF Jeans!

1. Ladylike Tangerine: 054e1b2cfbec56cf87b9a8159027242a b26c02b256c89ec0152df525654a47c2 59b19663a5bf7078e06ee699f23143b5 9596520b07cf9e5142ad933ae3f15ba8

First, there’s lovely ladylike dresses — what is it about lace that just screams ladylike? I love the way the bright color adds a bit of interest to classic dress design. The last two images are a great transition into the world of pairing pale shades with the bright tangerine…

2. Tangerine in the (Pale) Shades: 820fba4c9010c136d35f378e7f95de96 97471c655e972d253e74e7001765daff 9da6303a33ebb7b3727a3052d2b184c89fd1e9524f77e48c6916495769942475 photo (25)

I love giving the tangerine a beautiful foundation with crisp white, nude, and pale pink shades. I think they help make the color look crisper and breezy. I die for the detailed white blouse and the tailored tangerine pants. Also, did I mention how easy it is to simply add a beautiful bag to an outfit to make it really pop… I love the tangerine handbag in the second picture… it combines ladylike with the clean lines of the classic color palette.

3. Tangerine and it’s BFF Jeans: 8b531634ba5ec5f1a52161e6bcc54b15 20124c40b2c632346c8d64570c637240 53344967667f1ef3c9c479e01a5241f9 17abc527500c2a65978aaaf8215999be aec194d88c0307ef58be8aec9c72b226

Oftentimes, outfits begin and end with jeans. We go to them for their comfort and versatility but when paired with tangerine the color is important too. The blue is such a cool balance to the bright orange. Denim comes in shirts too — don’t forget so if you are game for tangerine bottoms pair it with a classic chambray shirt and watch back and let the compliments fly.

For the advanced fashionistas out there, tangerine is a great color to challenge yourself with and get creative. Here are some of my favorites:

02c991a22bddbe9daea4d70ecbb03555 bbc7e94e099ecff78518f42daffdb6cf

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