Adventures in Kool Aid Dye?

So this weekend I visited some friends in North Carolina and had a wonderful time! We went on so many adventures and don’t worry, I got tons of material for my blog! To start with a bang, we begin with using Kool Aid as hair dye! WHAT?

Kool Aid Hair Dye? I know what you are thinking… are you 13 or something? Well, yes. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with Kool Aid. My amazing and adventurous friend Jenn volunteered to be the guinea pig and let us try our hands at dip dying her hair with Kool Aid. So we set off to do what teenagers all over this country do every day — play with dying their hair with Kool Aid.

Here is the BEFORE:
iphone 39 012

First of all, I totally forgot how many colors, oops I mean flavors, there are to pick from when it comes to Kool Aid — strawberry, watermelon, strawberry kiwi. grape, blue rasberry, tropical punch, black cherry…  After conducting careful research, we settled on a strawberry (pink) and grape (purple) combo for Jen. Since her hair is brunette and we were shooting for a purply-pink, the combo was bound to be the just the ticket to give us the color we desired. Secondly, this couldn’t be an easier activity for a rainy day — it only has three steps!

Step 1: Boil about 2 cups of water. Then we added the packets of Kool Aid. iphone 39 014

Step 2: Soak hair in Kool Aid. (We braided it first to reign in Jen’s curls.) Leave for 15 minutes. iphone 39 016 iphone 39 018 iphone 39 020   iphone 39 022


Step 3: Rinse in cool water and style as usual. iphone 39 023 iphone 39 024


Jen’s hair turned out sassy with a tinted berry layer. There is an added benefit of smelling very fruity for a bit which can’t hurt. What’s that you smell? Oh, it’s my perfume — Strawberry/Grape Kool Aid. Jen is ready for her summer fun with her Kool Aid dyed hair.

Thanks for coming along on this adventure… who knows what other wacky adventures we will get into as the summer draws to an end…


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