Tiny Prints – Fashion Inspiration

Do you feel like you need to dress conservatively for the office? Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of loud and proud prints?
I am obsessed with tiny unusual prints — mustaches or lips or whatever…

Of course they are super easy to wear and add just a touch of sass to any outfit.

See what I mean? My surprise print blouses give me the chance to look like I am dressed appropriately from a distance but to still totally have fun with it!

The best part is that they are incredibly easy to style. All you have to do is use them just as you would a plain solid color blouse and they instantly add a certain something to your outfit!

Here’s two of my favorites:

photo (22)iphone 36 281

And then some fab examples of other people doing it right…

953527f4b8db91f838b6a54e2ba2f34b  28829fc6f49f9f5b4bf112d6e428b994 f7f0b1e74c3fefd1dd26420363499aba 6cd2757f6c94aea695b9694ef3692adc 67d326ae565dd1531173c4b4935079dc 221fe85ec082eb879077b18fef0b43f5d387394b3431ce70cfb5c1591c306ce2 945154ca20e370c5e1dfa427779a47a4 (1)


2 thoughts on “Tiny Prints – Fashion Inspiration

    • Go for it, Hannah! I’d love to see you in a cute owl print — anything that makes you smile! 🙂

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