What to Wear to the On the Run Tour!

8af60a25d2eebfdf830d332e0f06f52bMonths ago when I talked to my friend, Megan, idly about going to the Beyoncé/Jay-Z On the Run Tour, I never thought we’d actually do it. But it turns out Megan loves going to concerts and has the best “go for it” attitude of anyone I know! So that conversation planted the seed. When tickets went on sale, we decided between Atlanta and Miami and settled on Atlanta — and were able to include my friend Katie as well!

photo 1 (15)


We were pretty excited especially when the trailer for the concert came out. Check it out:

That was like three months ago. The next months were spent on multiple conversations, MULTIPLE online shopping orders, tons of shopping trips, a pinterest page (http://www.pinterest.com/impolkadot/what-to-wear-to-beyonce)… and all that to come up with the perfect outfit for the concert. It’s ironic because in the end I wore a dress I already had — one I wore to a wedding — but had fun recycling it and adding attitude with accessories. Here’s what each of put together:

photo 4 (10) I wore a black mesh and scuba material black dress from Forever 21 with low wedge heels and gold accessories. photo 3 (12)Megan rocked fierce studded Steve Madden boots with a leather skater skirt from Eloquii and fabulous lace jacket.

photo 2 (16)Katie killed it a black and white tribal pencil skirt and illusion black shirt with a pop of red heels.

photo 5 (8) We didn’t exactly wake up like this but we did have such a great time getting together, planning our outfits, and getting ready!

We also all wore matching heart necklaces to commemorate our experience!  photo (19)

I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to put together fierce outfits because we knew Beyoncé and Jay Z would look fierce.



The concert was INCREDIBLE and we had a BLAST! I would totally recommend it to others!

Here’s some other looks for your next concert —7516ff0b92471296b78e438afc333131 49be9a558ad324065abc95f5a275e6e4  317aaf34677e5f7300daaa99681b159e 74d7376b0dfd50b3a9408d4425758c70 912e3ccc0917398dd64407c842b436c42d72a48eddc551139b302bb429a1f088 997814b9866bc553a4a3feae46afc2dbff3571e803d3bb2a48096ad4ec859682

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