Pastel Makeup — Down another rabbit hole…

I am so suggestible. It’s really insane. One of the best things about living in a cable free zone is the limited exposure to commercials. Now Rimmel and Maybeline can’t get to me with their false promises of super long “falsie” mascara. I win, universe! (Ok, maybe no blogging after caffeine and sugar!)

But back to my point:

I was reading my favorite beauty blog and they did this whole post about using pastel in your eye shadow repertoire. See what I mean?

I was inspired to try it myself!
photo 3 (10)

I dug through what I already had but hit a bit of a road block since I recently moved and really cleaned out my make up. I decided to run through the drug store and see if I could get anything on the cheap. What I came up with was this —photo 1 (12)


It’s great because it has so many different colors. It was fun to shake up my daily make up routine. I enjoyed trying new things without being too wild. It was a fun way to add a little color and a little fun into my outfit.

Check out my experiment:

First I tried the green… which I LOVED!

photo 1 (11)

Then the pink…


photo 2 (13)

Then the blue!

photo 3 (9) photo 2 (12)

I have to admit I kind of loved the blue because it had a really great like 60s vibe. Then I watched Funny Face this weekend. And was completely and totally captivated and inspired all over — check out Kay Thompson in Funny Face!

KAY THOMPSON as Maggie Prescott, FRED ASTAIRE as Dick Avery and AUDREY HEPBURN as Jo Stockton CINDERELA EM PARIS Funny Face 1957 Maggie Prescot 722f56cf3a8117977bc8d72faba17500


As Maggie Prescott, she rocked — and inspired me to try the bolder version!

photo 2 (14) photo 1 (13)

Here’s some other people making pastels their own. If you are feeling brave, send me those pics!

18305dd4fbc390f50c1bf5685a5f997d ccbdc0d9fa525db6367ba91990bb18cd 05af08325d307991c7be2cba83f839e2 9edbd92a324192f765acaa7673451448 8f60f8e0247c0da04d40c3b21041703f


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