Pop of Color!

A little pop of color goes a long way…

I can’t tell you how many outfits I dress up with a splash of color. It doesn’t take much to add some spice to a classic (if boring) outfit. I love going all black or black and white with a pop of accent color. Red is an obvious choice or my beloved cobalt. For Spring, I suggest mint and orange. If you are feeling like you are ready for advanced pop of color go neon or yellow. Who isn’t all about easy when it comes to adding pizazz to our daily looks? See what I mean:

photo (10)

You can add pop with cardigans, shoes, bags, and big necklaces. Here’s my friend Megan with a pop of green with her cardigan — it doesn’t hurt that she is also rocking the polka dots!

photo 1 (7)

PS: She is also killing it with the Stella and Dot rhinestone set!

Here’s some more examples of people adding that pop to their looks!


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