Wine-Themed Bridal Shower

As the year anniversary of this shower approaches, it seems it’s the perfect time to post about the shower. This one of the classic team efforts that makes shower hosting such a treat. We picked a theme that is a real people pleaser – wine! My allstar friends were a pleasure to work with as usual. We got tons wine and the party was ready to get going!


Here’s the hostesses with the bride to be…


576057_590286559402_1365770218_n (1)

We made wine glasses with chalkboard bases so that we could write our names on them with chalk. Double win, because we used the wine glasses as favors! We even had leftovers that we were able to give to the bride. She was able to get a set of wine glasses as a bonus!
480436_590286454612_734031104_n 581879_590286469582_2096622161_n (1)

For our game, we did a wine tasting:
417664_590286644232_94820167_n (1) 487846_590288116282_1933821022_n254903_590286629262_1564280531_n

And the prize was pretty obvious — wine equipment and wine accessories!

The food couldn’t have been easier too. We did classic wine and cheese fare.

393688_590286928662_1422473560_n 537501_590287138242_524286855_n (1) 537494_590287267982_164427541_n 487619_590286908702_658591699_n64225_590286943632_645571041_n64746_590286699122_1920818895_n

It’s easy to decorate too. Just save up wine corks and BAM! you’ve got the decorations and they are on theme! We also saved wine bottles and spray painted them purple and silver. Then using the leftover chalkboard paint in circles on each of the bottles which we were able to use to label the food. It was a fun, creative, and cost effective way to decorate.



We had a great time. Here’s some candids.


150408_590287467582_901124074_n 555030_590287412692_884674859_n


It was a beautiful shower and a good time. (The wine didn’t hurt.) It fit the bride and the planning team and didn’t break the bank… I had wine at the bride’s house a couple days ago and she served me the wine in the very glasses we made for her shower.


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