Rely on Neutrals

I love color. My blog could just as easily be Adventures in Colorful Living (although I think I actually follow a blog with a similar title) but sometimes, a solid outfit is an outfit that relies on pairing neutrals. I got compliments on this outfit (below).

photo (13)

It couldn’t have been easier to put together: Lace T-shirt (from Forever 21), white cardi (also from 21), sick white earrings (from Stella and Dot, and a khaki skirt (INC carried by Macy’s that I’ve had since law school), with my favorite neutral heeled sandals (from Franco Sarto courtesy of Marshall’s). An easy outfit that was springy, comfortable, and high impact — who could ask for anything more?

If you are ready to try neutrals on for size at your convenience, check out these other inspiring neutral looks! Go forth and go crazy — with neutrals!


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