Project Journal: Upgrade Your Invitations

We all have tons of projects that we are working on… I love throwing parties and so usually that’s what’s in my project “on deck” circle. I helped throw a shower in March for a dear friend and here’s the secret to easy but wow-inducing invitations: one of the ways to both save money and to personalize invitations is to order the design off Etsy, print them yourself, and embellish. Let’s face it, my motto ought to be a little glitter goes a long way. I found a great print off of Etsy and printed them at Kinkos — I used their industrial paper cutter; it was a bit stressful! Thankfully, I managed to only cut the paper and not my fingers. To finish them up, I hand addressed the envelopes with a coordinating color marker. Don’t hand addressed envelopes add a certain amount of pizzazz? Easy, effective and beautiful! I couldn’t ask for more!

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