A case of the Mondays…


Are you dragging today like me?

photo (7)

I have the worst case of the Mondays. It started last night. I had a lovely weekend (even though I had to work all day on Saturday!) but facing coming back to work this morning — even though I love my job — was a hard pill to swallow. Since I am in need of inspiration, you might be as well. So here’s some inspiring things:

To make you smile:

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And to inspire you to bring your A game this week (we will do a roll call on Friday!):

b103ee29da587f6d3f2a3fb20447e9e3 c215a372e7d248a73d113d1649470ad5 d39f3a83cf847bd43245d0643e03ccec 701efa57a2a81355b5e5498a47c4ac1c 1ae9cbdea758a8592d3cb4ba2e4606e7 917f154f000e9d698021211cd0ce4c52 8b57ab138eab059c0167a2bcee0970db9b9d24ef0eea472a1aa3c4210e344d3e 167f8322102e338fbd09167c2ecb11a2 c749568821e8c1694ad7a07cebf1cd83


PS: Trying out some new looks for the blog, thoughts?

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