Adventures in Neon in the Workplace

OK, I might be obsessed with neon.

The closer we get to warm weather, the more you will see neon. I wasn’t sure if neon works for work. But not one to shy away from a challenge, I have been incorporating neon in my work wardrobe. Today, I rocked my latest piece — a neon magenta sweater from Forever 21 — and I got so much positive feedback on it that I decided it was time to spread the word: Neon WORKS! (My big boss told me if there was a power outage, he was following me. I took it as a compliment!)


c83ea974520511aa1f11aded2a0885f3photo 2 (7)


If you are worried about how to make it “work” for you (see what I did there?), have no fear I have your back! I think the best and easiest way is to introduce signature pieces — like a blazer, pumps, or skirt. Simply pair it with the classics like black and white or stripes and it will work for you and I bet you will get lots of positive feedback. If you are feeling brave add neon accessories!

b1216c125bb8cf388f035d610c322a28IMG_5994 (1)

Try neon and tell me what you think! *Don’t forget to send pics! ๐Ÿ™‚


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