What to Wear — Easter Edition!

Is there a more wonderful time than Spring? It culminates for me on Easter Sunday. My mom and I love to put together our Easter finest. We’ve even been sporting fascinators and small vintage hats in an attempt to bring back traditions of old.

Here’s last year:

photo 5 (20)

Now here’s some inspiring dresses for you:

c41ea48602e81fc3e632936e972fb10737f3cb6f4029a2d43021d3314a2ae2e7b521c2f293e5a7158ee9de8e8330ecc051b625f3fc2b0cb7f8474c5ef961c37b47c1003f276c8bbd8b6958c9da20bd94fcefbd448f693e0a2749cec6a8cc336a fa343a6f95c5e4c3f8ec668ff809b476  edd17f87ea8a5d141c50e98b015f0620 1c68427116171d0fa5c35464ee47f82785f435e216d4521cf2515fe811db9918a4493a007d23cead676327318714c423 70fef158f5346914a3f479fba588cc3b  da20c0f18789039a0a70418042edbeb4 265acd211f079e5a8b36d19f40afb4bb 3ef5ebd13f3152d69333d3fea15aeac3Here’s what I am contemplating for myself this year… (I just need to find some sassy accessories to rock it with as well as a hat!)

photo 1 (50)

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