Project Journal – Candle Shower Favors

I wrote this post a couple of days ago but wanted to wait until after the shower because I know that my friend, Jess, totally follows me — for which I am super grateful! So now that there’s no spoilers…

My friend Jess R. is having a baby! Squeal! My law school roomie and bestie, Meg, and our friend, Tamara, and I (is that too many commas?) decided to host a baby shower for the new mom! The best thing about hosting by committee (as I like to refer to it) is that we all have different jobs and we can put time and attention into our roles and it’s not overwhelming. I volunteered to do the favors for the shower. We brainstormed ideas in the first meeting of the committee and settled on something in mason jars. Further research on Pinterest led me to consider candle-making. Then the smartest gal I know, Hannah, told me how easy it was and walked me through the candle making via texts. So I made candles in mason jars with organic soy  — they turned out great! Then using my handy dandy anchor punch I decorated the shit out of them. I set up all the pieces and one of my kids stopped by for a baking lesson and chipped in. She helped me finish up the favors and they turned out great!

You don’t have to take my word for it either… you know I’ve got pics!

iphone 24 140

Here’s how I did it. First, I order the supplies on We joked at one of our planning meetings that the shower was sponsored by Amazon Prime because we are all such fans! Hannah approved the cost and said that I was getting a good deal — Hannah is a savvy shopper when she approves your purchase, you feel so grown up and responsible.

iphone 24 141

From a distance, I fear these bags of soy flakes look a bit suspicious…

iphone 24 142

Then I got all my supplies together… including my melting pitcher, jars, and wicks…

iphone 24 143iphone 24 144iphone 24 145

Then I melted the wax double boiler style.

iphone 24 146

Then poured it in the jars and let it set.

iphone 24 147iphone 24 274iphone 24 275iphone 24 276

iphone 24 278

Then we put them all together.

iphone 24 281

Wasn’t that crazy easy for a big impact? The finished project made me smile big time. Stay tuned for more blog posts about the shower.

iphone 24 283


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