Roll Call Wardrobe!

This is one of my favorite kinds of posts. I have so many friends that are rocking out — it’s cool to share real people rocking fashion in every day life. So. here. we. go!

From dressiest to casual…

Looking hella sharp in her suit and tie… (no tie really)

My cuz, Erica:

iphone 25 024

She makes business look good. Love the bold necklace!

iphone 25 035

Em is a girl after my own heart — we both were all about the black pants! So comfortable!

iphone 25 023

I also love Hannah’s bright color, which really put me in the springy mood.

iphone 25 022

Then I got Chris’s text. With those white pants, coral flowy top, and nude flats, I think we can all agree she hit a homerun.

iphone 25 107

I love Meg’s maxi dress because it combines a classic purple with the more pastely (you’ve seen the post, you know it’s time!). And as a bonus, her adorable pregnant self looks, well, adorable.

iphone 25 025


Finally, Maria comes in with a beautiful spring dress! Looks like someone is really enjoying a break from the Indiana weather! It also gets me really excited for my own spring dress post!

Finally, ME! I was all about leggings on Friday and it was a fun way to re-style my lace dress.

iphone 25 029

Definitely a successful roll call!

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