Breaking into Pastels!

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My mom frequently asks me if she is too old for trends, etc. I remind her frequently that almost any trend is available to all, it just has to be done right. For example, my mom can do non-ripped BF jeans.  Pastels are one of those seasonal trends that create a challenge for even the wiliest among us. I decided to break it down for you… I had to get a little creative with my own clothes because I have never been a big pastel girl — my love of all things grey and neon is too strong. But nevertheless, my mission — that I’ve chosen to accept — is to convince all of you (aunts, mom, Hannah and Chris), that pastels can be for you. 

So without further ado I present…

Breaking into Pastels in FIVE easy steps: 

1. Dip your toe into the shallow end by pairing it with BLACK. Remember your old friend, black, you know your constant companion (no judgment as I type this I am sitting wearing serviceable but classic black pants). Black is a great way to try pastel. See what I mean? 

photo 4 (26)7b28c08709667c8e20f09e89969ca431 f51efc1a9f69e6ad0f362922e892e614 d27711882d233e4b22504dedb4505b62 18106a965a3e512c58273a1091f89ef7f837022e5b9ca3d4f6ed04cfb94853b145765254021102cbcad4f053e184e734

2. Take it to the opposite end of the spectrum with a neutral or a white piece. Same idea — wear something safe with something DANGEROUS, like a pastel blouse. 🙂 

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3. Now you are feeling a smidge braver? Try pastels with denim, that ought to really not take you too far from your comfort zone. A place filled with jeans and grey sweatshirty tops in my mind. 

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4. Now that we have introduced pastels into our daily life, let’s take it to the next level with monochrome.

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5. It’s now or never time. Take it home with neon or patterns or bold colors. 

81b1426f769da999ae5bb1c1062fa299 photo 3 (36)7ae0459862fc0fe89acdd8c217118713  60c9421addc9207334a226835a8d661f 5f27a767e9de127be1301c71e16b8ac9  7a09a50a37eb872728514f0602652fe5 7b26651ff348b012ff9c4f842df96c7b 259748a775620a6320f1f3c74c547266

In the end, pastels are not scary. Instead adding pastels to your wardrobe is an adventure. Not to mention it’s easy to find inspiration in the beautiful blue sky or the colors of the budding flowers. (I am getting a bit poetic.) Now and ever, be brave and try something new… maybe pastels could be your signature look for spring!


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