Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s a day to wear green. Go ahead, just do it. Even if you don’t have much St. Patrick’s Day spirit, you should still pull out some green — it will make your day that much better! 🙂 

Here’s a some inspirational looks brought to you by… well, me! Green can be a blast to work with so this is hardly a chore! photo 5 (4)

First off no one has better St. Patrick’s Day spirit than the Duchess Katherine. As usual, she nails it! Check her out and enjoy the rest! 

3a338e5d6551c4bbd4f32ccb14d16f3f (1) e231147f2e56123f3bf0c7039a8fb400 853f3a52aa21b43253b29aabac9372159d20ab3096bb69594479d42387ad2bd6 photo 2 (6)  e173212f9dabe797f50dda44bdc2227d 99d67557a31dd53ebf15cad6789e86dd f734f6c8febd15a57b3b9442bbf0c12f 25500c613193dd6b749a56fb66f1c8e6 76aba39a41863f417e092dcc9fff5402 5ccba93bdd432480491aa9306db65ff6 96812172a0d751b87118258da84a4fcd 35f1639266480b724481afbfb2c5cfde7e20d9bf68ae84f4f248fbf00c4c273f 585352b984e8bef835423e2ba91035c6 3277050b4f269bf6dd93571ef7b362c5 c2688c59f37c4cde5fd4b5728a418d7dphoto 4 (3) e0c83d17914fe53b98f628176ee0d9eb

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