Grease Lightning! It’s leather jacket time!

Wrapping up winter means it;s the perfect time to do a post about jackets — right? Well, I forgot to post this so better late than never. Although now that I think about it, leather is a great light-ish evening jacket and can be a lot of fun to style. Here’s about a million examples of ways to make leather work for you!

1798036_611899207421_1428866405_nd55d9a9326542b6cc6f67b8bbdd2ff9a 333d864acb27947b6788f3b932e8c2aa 4622ab053ba018c6bcfe1d81ebd76b65 f72158af7f35a509103495f9b9fc7884 61db7add621f3872fdcccfb7d4a1d43a 7665a86606f5e476e825867d4e626635 (2)b8f5d40d6a79b074a42320e98485b2fc 0c128514bbe67d1e6c03472a98a2ec32 90422b4819cf8be10d5b901dc4d1a4b8 6195efe19f438da96e8da12fae4a88cc image1xl (1) bca90d40351ce3f7411f8f172b2ba260 3a978ef3ad9ff08bb52ddd0f437c7c49 8d639bbb80f551e2534bd4787fcda1c3 d56feac54acb99a32ef39e5301829f4d 74c25034a71b6e0af293f4aac232e3ae


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