Shopping for Bathing Suits – Gird Your Loins, Ladies


Seriously, is there anything harder on a girl’s self esteem than trying on bathing suits. You have to get naked, you have to stand in a brightly lit space, and you have to try on tiny clothes. And there are mirrors everywhere! It’s just not easy on the ego. I have a lot of friends who develop complexes over just the idea of a new bathing suit. Just imagine what it takes to actually go shopping for them.


Here are some tips to keep the self esteem monster at bay…

1. Don’t eat beforehand. This is silly but you’ll feel better about yourself if you aren’t bloated or full.

2. Don’t beat yourself up. This one isn’t silly and it’s probably the hardest.

3. Shop for the body you have right in the moment. Don’t plan for a body you hope to have or a size you hope to be… who you are is unique and perfect and you should own it. At the very least, you should own it in this circumstance.

Finally, it’s fun — bathing suits are FUN, trying them on and getting a new one is an adventure not an execution.

Here’s some seriously cute ones to inspire you!

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