Bright Colored Blazers

Looking for a break from all the winter black and dark colors but still need to stay warm? Take a page from my newest friend, Katie, who rocks a colored blazer like a champ.

iphone 16 067

Katie shows you how to rock skinny jeans and a patterned top with a fabulous kelly green blazer. I love how easy-going but stylish her look is…

iphone 16 068

How about that fun lining?

iphone 16 069

And her flowy top rocks out with studs on the shoulder and a neat, flowy back. This is the kind of outfit that easily makes the bridge between seasons and it has a fun, bright quality to it.

Inspired yet?

Here’s what I tried:

iphone 24 231 iphone 24 214 iphone 24 188

Try these on for size:

103ff96b20a76a716475ac6425b163d3 72828742b270a3b32a9aa34db68d7bdc c21061e0138594a040d8152f07f5eaa6

This one is a bonus because it rocks an all white look — and you know I am loving all white these days!

15de042e4781ba9fc767a0360aa42c2adc0b8c81f100ffe959585510efba7ded 8df6dfc2804a1035456a81d12d7674f5 8dbccb9aea32c66d556aa21872998f54 252256d825f47e404bcb686387bdf878


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