Lipstick Jungle

It’s a lipstick jungle out there. There are soooo many colors and looks. Some people NEED lipstick. Others make it part of their signature look like Gwen Stefani…


Her personal style was described in InStyle Magazine as tom boyish and vintage. Isn’t that a unique but fun combo! That leads me to what can only be described as a ridiculous tangent about identifying personal style that I will table for another day.

iphone 23 053

So back to lipstick, do you need it? Well the answer is maybe. (Can you tell I am a lawyer yet? The answer is always maybe or it depends.) If you’ve never tried lipstick, you probably should just to know. If you know categorically that you aren’t a lipstick person, that’s cool. The truth is that lipstick (to wear it at all, the color, the sheen) is a supremely unique to you consideration. The women in my mom’s family are BIG lipstick people. My grandma famously tells us that we would look better with lipstick and that encourages us all to do it. That sentiment has created three generations of women wearing lipstick and feeling just a bit naked without it. In the end, I just encourage you to try it if you haven’t…

For me, lipstick is almost always matte. I hate the feeling of sticky glitter and I always lick it off — either on purpose or subconsciously. My friend Meg is a big lip gloss girl but saves lipstick for special occasions. I might be a little obsessed with lipsticks because I wear bold colors. I love new ones and I am always looking for the perfect one. You can tell that I have a problem from my lipstick bag (isn’t it cute? Impulse Forever 21 purchse!). I carry a couple of glosses just in case but mostly wear the mattes. I also carry a couple of lightly colored balms and some no color chapsticks. A great in between is the Revlon ColorStay line. The color lasts all day and it gives you a thin coat of color so it’s not too in your face.

There is a perfect lipstick color out there for each of us. My mom and I are always on the prowl for the perfect red. I am currently a huge fan of Revlon lipsticks. I love the way the feel, their staying power, and the price (and the ability to use coupons for them). I decided to try on all my lipsticks so that I could make a proper comparison. These are the results:

In addition to just the straight shots, I took these… they are a bit silly but show off the lipstick range and all the different kinds…

It’s a lipstick jungle out there.


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