Oscar Predictions

I like movies but I LOVE fashion. So the Oscars are more about what the stars wear than what the stars win…

I really enjoy the process of looking through the runway shows and trying to figure out which looks will be chosen by the stylist elite. Here are some general and specific hopes and dreams followed by dresses…

1. I hope they don’t make Jennifer Lawrence wear another huge dress. She looks fabulous but it’s gotten old. Also, it’d be nice if she could be a bit more comfortable. 

2. I hope that the stylists take advantage of the power of a proper white dress. They cut through the see of color and black and literally shine. Also you can accessorize so creatively with white that it adds so much fun and nuance to a look. 

3. That the older stars — Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and Julia Roberts — show the young ladies how to do it. The three of them know how to rock a red carpet, I hope that this year is no exception.

4. I hope that we won’t see mid-drifts or thigh slits anymore… those trends should die. 

5. If I could have any dress walk the red carpet of the ones below I picked… it would be:

I have loved this dress since the first moment I saw it. For me, it has everything — shape, movement, color, b&w, a touch of neon. It’s fun but classic. Futuristic but not cheesy. I love this dress.

And now for the dresses: 

I went through the couture shows of 2014 to look at what was released and what would make great choices on the runway…

Here they are:

CHA_1487.450x675 CHA_1501.450x675 CHA_1518.450x675

Elie Saab** By far my favorite, and not generally a huge favorite amongst the red carpet a-listers but I believe that’s a mistake. Their collection was incredible.

YVL_4682.450x675 YVL_4701.450x675 YVL_4843.450x675


YVL_5077.450x675 YVL_5147.450x675


Armani Prive

_ARC0504.450x675  _ARC0565.450x675  _ARC0852.450x675

Atelier Versace

_ARC0419.450x675 _ARC0533.450x675 (1) _ARC0568.450x675


And then there’s Dior. Since I was planning on trying to guess what Jennifer Lawrence might wear to the Oscars, I have been pouring over Dior’s runways lately. She wore EVERY single dress they put down the runway in the last year except this dress. I had planned on that being my pick.


And then this happened:

So I was forced to go to the drawing board. Their 2014 couture line doesn’t really lend itself to the red carpet. But I do kind of like this one…


Here are the random other pics:
Jenny Packham –


Valentino –


Monique Lhullier-


Oscar de la Renta –


Zac Posen:



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