The Oscars – My Best List

Arguably the biggest night for fashion that appears on international TV, the Oscars have always been one of my favorite events of the year. For my own enjoyment (and if you are reading this, I hope yours as well) I compiled what I consider some of the best looks of all time. (Don’t worry more Oscar posts are coming at you soon!)

dd70b01de0f2afe1bb9285a325d50b72 c97302f08811ebb64cfc7a01dc3ee5ab 0edc90a7fe929c02d83d020116739f18 01353b712576a1b157eacafbd23916c4 01122f6f5091b1725883ee72eed0f181 a3eb58c8f384d1230d8d221a939dd15b 8f97965517d89cde2298a88b2257b76e 17e76af9f64ce631e780125bc1be597b 73eed641b3f52c9d51f21e7a5300ea37 72eecba745a5e68050bde8925e893d2f 91aadb750e259533981e1a747bef3cfe 575e093564142867c1a085ccd2ed4939 8869082fb34b96b549eb993fee892069 92be68a21c846fece8ab85d3dbd7e07f c00f5252a3d2167b8fcca319429ef6fd


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