Fisherman Sweaters – A major “DO”

I love it a good fashion “do.” Fall and winter are all about the chunky sweaters and perhaps none more chunky than the classic cream fisherman sweater. As a Floridian I recognize the hardship that it is trying to wear these sweaters but they look so classically cool that I find myself making it work.


I decided to break down three different ways to wear fisherman sweaters…

1. Baggy with skinnies – Obvi, a favorite!

61b72a33492f54175b79ce2c589bc32e 91b4bb6732c62a3731a1ca090c2bf7e0 f7ae6f34954907ee70cc0077d05c2202 818e00e0d9eb8c410d967ae9ea67a68fiphone 23 111

2. Layered up.

ba35157e4d26b7cec11f273d7d357a1c bd8b3f81e886649ede98e5d1b4b518ea e47954aa14c71adcdd65e4bc7d33240b0eb497a5a320e8146201bbea01ffcaf0photo 2 (4)

3. Skirted down!

c0345c3ae5224b6dd0193e68cf6ea8fd 113af6e63246232e49866d06ba4022a4c57814f4bb1855cfff8e9ce24d4ae1ef c722cf08cb0ff9146c1096dc213f53e2

iphone 23 137

With my plaid midi length skirt, I feel like this look is very Scottish… I tried to take it out of the British Isles with a pair of sassy snub-nosed red heels.

Here are two bonus fisherman sweater looks: All white (you know I love that!) and short and flirty! πŸ™‚

iphone 23 126iphone 23 145


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