Neon is back.

Neon is back. Three of the best words a girl could type. Also, I am not so sure it ever left. But the weather getting warmer (sorry, Indianians, it really is like 80 degrees here), it’s time to start brainstorming and/or getting excited about neon for summer.

But how can I wear neon? It’s for teens and models? Neon is better in workout clothes, right?

If any of those thoughts are on the tip of your tongue, buckle up because you are about to be schooled in neon. Sharpen those pencils and push up your thick glasses, and here. we. go!

How to wear neon in 3 (anyone can do it) steps:

1. Don’t over think it. Neon is easy to pair with jeans as either shoes or a bag…

72b7c2d374920b7c90da964bbca8f97d 80468597f6ab18783b414c4f340a0747

2. Neon and black are meant to be. Make it happen!

1ff0e0e2106047d0df4798052f51fa69 12850e152080527c22724c99ab36a14c e9733267c7adb2e6d9b02ed4234f1471 0b7c8e0a1933c5beae0a2c3175c179f8

And if it goes well with black…

3. Neon is meant to be worn with white as well. It’s almost time for white shoes (Easter) and if you live in Florida or a tropical climate, white pants are appropriate now… See how great they go together?

8585f8dd39b1f35af64584ca136908ad d0c2da970a18cc125678da2c0ada25db f86540b981b1136450c92290521058f6 9b9cee6223e1916b4d0af45da3e2ced7 f741499ce158e262defe27b8be5010ee

So ready to rock neon? What? Still not convinced? Did someone say put your money where your mouth is? Fine, here you go.

1. Jeans + Neon

photo 1 (4)

2. Black + Neon

photo 5 (2)

3. White + Neon

photo (2)


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