NYC Nails

When my bestie Meg and I planned our trip, friends and family would frequently ask what we had planned. And the truth is we had really only one thing planned in the weeks going up to our NYC trip: getting our nails done. We both LOVE getting our nails done and it’s an activity we frequently do together as we are both busy and it’s convenient way to meet up. We’ve both always been intrigued by nail art and we thought our trip to the Big City might just be the ticket.

Like the giant nerds we are, we did research. We read articles about the best nail places in the city and had our NYC friends ask around. In the end, we settled on Marie Nails in Soho. We love Soho for the shops, chill atmosphere, and the shops. So it was a perfect fit. After picking the place, we both created boards on Pinterest with ideas! Here’s some that we considered…

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We had an incredibly difficult time deciding but were both VERY happy with the results!

Take a look:

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