#19. Go to the Florida State Fair


I did it! It was AWESOME! Special thanks to my dear friends Jess R. and Meg for joining me on this culinary journey through the state fair. I am so lucky to have friends who are up for anything and always support me as I snap 1000000000 pictures for this blog. So, we really enjoyed the people watching, the varied food choices, and the giraffe! What did we eat? A turkey leg, corn on the cob, cotton candy, sweet tea slushie, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried dill pickles, fried avocado, corn dogs (all of us agreed best we ever had — they were buttermilk corn dogs!), salt water taffy, fried snickers, and red velvet funnel cake. I don’t think I missed anything… whew! What can I say, it was a great day!

Join us for the adventure…

iphone 20 145

The crowds were pretty intense…

iphone 20 148 iphone 20 152 iphone 20 154 iphone 20 157 iphone 20 162 iphone 20 165

Fried pickles and fried avocado… so yummy and delicious. We sat in the grass and watched the paddleboaters. It was very idyllic.

iphone 20 155

iphone 20 178 iphone 20 183 iphone 20 186

That’s a deep fried snickers… Jess was a major fan. I didn’t try to take it away from her– it seemed like it was dangerous.

iphone 20 187

Red velvet funnel cake, yes, that happened.

iphone 20 191 iphone 20 194 iphone 20 210 iphone 20 218

I thought this guy had a handsome profile.

iphone 20 221

EVERYONE was pretty psyched about the giraffe. The three of us were definitely part of that group!

iphone 20 235

Jess really really wanted to pet the zebra. It was the only animal I let her pet. I got a little freaked out around the animals, small children, and my pregnant friend.

iphone 20 237

iphone 20 253 iphone 20 260Β Β iphone 20 271

Why is this not my profile pic on Facebook??

iphone 20 272

Two good looking ladies gnawing on food… like a pair of caveladies.

iphone 20 273 iphone 20 278

The turkey leg was oddly delicious. We couldn’t resist getting one and it was worth it.

iphone 20 284

I am sipping on a sweet tea slushie (in a fun at the fair cup) holding a bag of cotton candy. Basically, I am 10. And I am about to run around screaming until I pass out in a corner. πŸ™‚

iphone 20 286 iphone 20 287 iphone 20 289

It was a beautiful day at the fair and I had a wonderful time with my friends!
#19 is DONE!

iphone 20 270


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