#24. Make My Own Jam


Ok. I’ll admit it, I was supposed to go berry picking first and THEN make my own jam. But who has time for that? As it was, it was an epic adventure just to find the damn strawberries — we stopped at no less than THREE fruit stands — and we paid Valentine’s Day prices for them. The ordeal was worth it, though. The strawberries we picked (out) were PERFECT. See what I mean?

iphone 16 198

Seriously, this was the THIRD stand we stopped at… my dad is the sweetest, most patient daddy in the whole world.

iphone 16 199 iphone 16 200

I couldn’t resist a taste. It was not a mistake.

iphone 16 202 iphone 16 203

The business of making jam was actually a lot of fun. My mom and I have cooked so much together that we are able to work like a seamless team in the kitchen — we always have fun! Here’s some pics of the process…

iphone 16 206 iphone 16 207 iphone 16 208

First we had to sterilize the jars… and then remove the stems from the berries.

iphone 16 212  iphone 16 224

Mashing berries — with a potato masher and then my hands!

iphone 16 226 iphone 16 227 iphone 16 230 iphone 16 232 iphone 16 233

We added pectin, sugar, and lemon juice. And then we stirred…

iphone 16 239 iphone 16 247 iphone 16 250

Then using my new canning tongs (impulse purchase that really ended up being clutch), I filled the jars. Isn’t it a beautiful color?

iphone 16 251 iphone 16 252 iphone 16 254

I sealed them up really tight and…

iphone 16 279

The finished product. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT!! The jam was delicious and Mom and I felt so successful that we are already discussing our next jam-making experience.

iphone 17 068

What do you think of the label? A classic throwback pic of our superstar Mother/Daughter team.

What a sense of accomplishment — not only did I complete #24 but I had fab doing it and am totally inspired to try some more jam recipes! And since #24 ended up being such a breeze, it inspires me to tackle some other numbers… purple hair? tattoo? Who knows what’s next!!


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