Latest Obsession: Coconut Oil

Seriously, I feel like you can’t spit without seeing something that touts the advantages of coconut oil!

Not that I am going around spitting… but I am always intrigued by (and frankly susceptible to) new and creative beauty regiments.

For example, check out this list from Buzzfeed (the king of list-making!).

Or these ideas from Pinterest…

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These people are right. Coconut oil is MONEY. I love it. I have started using it for a variety of beauty needs. Now, Northerners with all that cold, listen up, coconut oil makes an awesome moisturizer. Just spread it on your body (face, hair — anywhere) and let the magic happen. I used it with Epsom salt to shave and I got the softest legs ever and my shave lasted two days more. But I am getting ahead of myself, here are some of the ways that I have tried and really believe can make a difference for you.

I decided to try my hand at the joy of coconut oil. I did a coconut oil deep conditioning hair treatment… I got the idea from this blog:


Here’s the in progress look…

iphone 15 049

I also did a face mask and then a soaked my face in coconut oil to prevent it from drying out.

How scary do I look?

I didn’t stop with my face and hair, I also made this sweet coconut oil scrub and tried it out on my legs and arms…


I had previously used coconut oil in my lip scrub and fallen in love too. In addition, for super cold climates, I read about putting it on your skin before you take a shower it helps prevent the water from drying you out.

In the end of the day, this has been one of the most economical and versatile products I ever bought and I got it at the grocery store! Best of all, I’ve been getting compliments on my skin.

iphone 15 008


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