Eyebrows – What’s the fuss?

Oh I’ll tell you what the fuss is… eyebrows are like the window treatments to your eyes or maybe the crown molding to your eyes. If you don’t have good window treatments or crown molding. it’s not the end of the world. But when you do, it’s a home run. Several celebrities have made their look synonymous with having fierce eyebrows. And this is nothing new, Brook Shields had glorious eyebrows when she started modeling as a teenager.


The new generation of ladies with brows to be wowed over is led by Lily Collins. She’s an ingénue with serious fashion chops. I am excited to see where she goes with her career.

images (14)

I am not a model by any stretch of the imagination but the difference made by carefully manicured eyebrows isn’t lost on me. And like any delicate endeavor, I don’t just let anyone muck around up there. Even with thick glasses, I can’t be missing part of an eyebrow. That’s why I trust my dear friend Chris.

iphone 16 066

She’s an artist and her medium is nails and eyebrows. I stopped by for a super quick session this weekend and here are some pictures to detail the event.

iphone 16 044

Here’s a fun shot of one done and not… the other one. 

iphone 16 062 iphone 16 063 iphone 16 065

Finished product… A well-sculpted eyebrow gives your face character and dimension. It’s best to avoid these two looks:

groucho2-sm Loretta-brows-3

My favorite beauty blog also did a post on sculpting your eyebrows, which I totally recommend. Take a look and feel empowered to make your eyebrows fierce!



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