Movie Review — Frozen

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Yep, I am legit reviewing Frozen. I haven’t seen a ton of movies lately (except American Hustle — which was great but since all I wanted was more CRAZY J.Law I don’t think I am able to write a somewhat unbiased review). Long story short, I follow this sassy UCF student on Facebook and he has been writing for weeks about how amazing Frozen was… he finally convinced me — a spectator to his life — to see the movie based on his enthusiasm alone. Jess was up in town for my birthday so we decided to take in a movie as well. WE LOVED IT.

And for three simple reasons.

1. It was hysterical. We laughed out loud SOOOO MUCH. So many great lines and awesome characters. This guy, Olaf, was particularly charming and funny.

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2. There wasn’t really a single bad guy. No one named something Maleficent, which makes it super obvious they are bad. The demons to be beaten are inside the heroines… so much more realistic. Life is obviously much more grey than black and white and good vs. evil. So this movie really provides a truly relate-able lesson.


3. The heroine kicks butt — and mostly by relying on herself. Of course, I think that’s great. What a sweet and subtle feminist message for young people. Girls don’t need to be saved, girls can do the SAVING. Also, the heroine is super snarky (she’s played by Lady Snarkington herself, Kristen Bell).

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PS: The music is also SUPER catchy. You know it’s high quality since Idina Menzel lent her voice to the movie. Her voice is made for the troubled vocals of the icy older sister.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the movie. You will leave feeling better than ever. Absolutely be prepared to laugh and fall just a little bit in love with a moose and a snowman.

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