Radiant Orchid Revisited.


I know I wasn’t impressed with Radiant Orchid as the color of the year. Once I got over my cobalt disappointment, I have been watching and waiting to see how things look as we head into spring where it’s easy to style such a beautiful spring color. Here’s my first styling attempt — definitely a Spring outfit!

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Here are some winter looks with wild orchid. You can rock it with tights or as accessories! 

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As we head into Spring, I think we can expect lots of interesting color combinations with radiant orchid. I think classic combos like black and navy are to be expected and more creative ones like – mango, khaki, and sky blue. See what I mean?

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Radiant orchid is a beautiful color. I think it can be a great color for everyone but you need to tweak it to work for you. My more adventurous friends, you can be very creative with radiant orchid — whether it’s just adding radiant orchid strappy shoes to boyfriend jeans and a kimono robe or piling on the metallic and the gemstones… Not to mention you can always pair it with similar colors to make it bold and give it a color block or monochrome quality.

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You can also keep radiant orchid can also be super classic. It makes a beautiful color to wear to Spring weddings in a dress with strappy heels. Classic ballet flats can be paired beautifully with black pencil pants and a beautiful blouse — with or without a necklace of the same hue. The radiant orchid is a color that pairs beautifully with pastels which is why Spring is going to be such a fun time for this color.

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For my bohemian friends, take a statement piece in radiant orchid and play with it… you can also add tribal prints into the mix and bold color combos!

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