Staple Pieces — Stripes Edition

Everyone should have at least one stripes outfit. I think my love of stripes is well documented. If you take a ride in my time machine back to last September (Taylor Swift song reference notwithstanding…), you could read this post on how to wear stripes:

But this post is part of my “staples” series. Things we all need in our closets — whether it’s bold colored flats (maybe cobalt flats that make you up your game) or boyfriend jeans that make you feel like you are just that chic. The point of staple pieces is that they are not really trend driven and can be worn a variety of ways. And though many fashion bloggers subscribe to a theory of staples = quality = investment (code for expensive), this girl is definitely the exception (you heard me, Mom). The first dress and the skirt (featured in the next two pics) are from Old Navy and cost less than $25 and the last dress is from Forever 21 for like $20 as well.

photo 4 (24)photo 5 (17)photo 3 (4)photo 3 (13)


Stripes belong in everyone’s wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be as big or as bold as I make it. But it should be in there somewhere. Take a look at these ladies and see if any of their stripes styling inspires you to try it as well! 🙂 (For help styling stripes… check out this post of mine from September of 2013 —


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