Toughest Critic? Me.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, my harshest critic is me. I never satisfy that voice in my head that says you can do better, look better, be better. That’s not all bad. I mean it’s certainly motivating. I was at a wedding shower last weekend, and was feeling socially awkward. Imagine my inner monologue: Should I sit there? Is my blouse too wrinkled? I am soooo single at these things. Getting married is a little scary, am I 12? I am looking awkward, do people think I am weird? I turned to my dear friend Joann and was like “I am so uncomfortable as a guest at these things” and Paige jumped in and was like “Why? Everyone here likes you.” And in my head I wonder “do they?” and “why?” As usual Paige knows best. Sometimes its good to take a break from your inner monologue and listen to your friends and family. (Let’s face it. It’s always a good idea.) I know that I need to work on being confident. I am loud and outgoing, which many people mistake for confidence. This is one of my favorite quotes. It gives me strength.




We have to face our insecurities head on and it’s ok to get help from your friends. My friend Hannah told me today that I am current and cool for being interested in celebrity gossip and fashion and not dorky and shallow as I feared. It’s wonderful to have friends who have your back every day — on the good and bad days.

One of my things I do to build confidence and inspiration is to surround myself with positive energy — cool or thought-provoking quotes, pictures of those that I love, and of course my lovable tiny companion, Oscar! My job is very serious and frankly depressing ALL THE TIME so it’s great for me to have the positivity and encouragement from my surroundings and always from my friends. I guess I am really blessed in that way. I think I’ll make it my goal to work on helping my friends feel supported and positive — maybe you’ll do the same?

Here’s a glimpse of my desk at work:


Obviously, I am also really into visual stimulation.

Here’s a bunch of my favorite inspiration quotes to get you moving in the positive direction as well.

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3 thoughts on “Toughest Critic? Me.

  1. Leslie is right on the money. The inner monologues are awful and it takes YEARS to get them under control — and it never happens completely! Best to work on it now — shut the self-criticizing voice down as soon as you hear it!

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