Pink is powerful. (And fun!)

I was in court the other day, patiently waiting my turn (ok, surfing Pinterest in the jury box) and the judge started asking where I was. I was rocking a bright pink dress with matching hot pink accessories and lipstick (you’ll see it later in the post) and sitting in the middle of the room. When I raised my hand and said “Judge, I am here,” he did a double take. The power from my pink was undeniable. I felt like Elle Woods in the end of Legally Blonde.

download (7)

(Of course, the judge was complimentary of my outfit, I wasn’t dressed ridiculously — she’s not even wearing a blazer! — and I am not blonde.) The point of this weird tangent-laden story is that there is a lot of confidence to be mined from wearing an awesome pink ensemble. Here’s some truly fabulous looks…

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