Hair Evolution… The Saga Continues

Many of you know about the great pixie debacle of 2013. Now that it’s 2014, I thought it might be time to once again see how far we’ve come and attempt to inspire by showing how much you can do without drastically changing your hair. I love trying new things and now that I am growing out my hair, I have to be MUCH more creative. But never you fear, I am up to the challenge! Maybe my ingenuity will inspire one of you to break out of your rut (yes, Mom, that was addressed to you.)

In the beginning there was the pixie…

418916_590288231052_1267154541_n (1)

Brace yourselves… quick tangent, here are a series of pics which show the evolution of hair that Meg and I have taken together since we reunited at the beginning of law school. It’s crazy to think about it… and this is just a sampling…

207256_504054084911_3021_n 34048_546174095900_3752455_n 29265_730291063744_6072516_n

418822_547982731551_10092189_n 15055_582286037451_365752529_n 579344_584820548271_1940089750_n 227415_585342557161_2052995537_n


Crazy, huh?

But, I digress….

Here is one hair cut, one color… 10 different ways. Be inspired to try something different. Not everything works, but we can’t know until we try!

photo 4 (22)

1. Twisted and pulled bag… It’s mind boggling how easy it was.

iphone photos 7 035

2. Straightened and brushed back with a headband. It’s a classic, lady-like style.

photo 1 (40)

3. Wavy centerpart!

iphoto 12 067

4. Deep part, super slick, and straightened. I felt very cool all day.

iphoto 12 074 iphoto 12 073

5. Pulled up and back with three buns… It’s amazing what you can do with the help of a couple of bobby pins.

iphoto 12 063

6. Wavy with a side part and a fierce headband.

iphone 9 017

7. Tight curls and bangs…

iphone 9 015

8. Wavy bangs and pulled back…

iphone 9 051

9. One side pulled back for a little mystery…

iphoto 12 037

10. Top knot. Yep. It’s back world. Celebrate good times, people who read my blog, because the top knot is BACK.

I am inspired to get creative each and every day. You never know what might happen when I get inspired! I wonder where the next edition of Hair Evolution will take us!


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