Ready for something different…

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I need a break from the same look… so I try new things (and then blog about them).

I was watching The Mindy Project last night and was inspired to try a look from Mindy herself!

article-2299742-18CD482A000005DC-489_306x423 52207ba3-9070-44de-9257-f394e260ae1c_MindyProject-TheDesert_scene34_0215 images (9) pole-of-oppression-mindy-square-w352 mindy-project-danny-mind-top
She rocks some fantastic eye makeup and in the winter finale she had some fierce purple eye shadow and when I was getting ready this morning it really resonated with me. Obviously, our skin color and overall coloring are absolutely similar. JK, of course, so I had to modify a little but I still think it’s fantastic! I did a modified cat eye with a purple eye and I LOVED how it turned out. It’s fun to try something new because you never know how things will work out!

See what I mean? Also, get ready for more of this purple eye!

iphone 13 024 iphone 13 021 iphone 13 028 iphone 13 029 iphone 13 027


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