Color Inspiration – Turquoise!

Some colors just do ALL the work. That is not a complaint — it’s a shout of celebration. I really feel like turquoise is one of those colors. I think it works for everyone — it’s bright without being neon AND it can be really classic. It’s really the perfect color for work and play too. It’s really perfect.

My bestie gave me fierce Kate Spade earrings and matching nail polish!

iphone 13 035

So I put together an outfit that made the new earrings and nail polish work. I got lots of compliments on this easy breezy outfit — gotta love that turquoise.

iphone 13 031

PS: This outfit also featured a sweet sweater I got from my parents for Christmas! Nothing like adding those Christmas presents into your wardrobe!

Here’s some other great looks with turquoise to inspire you too!

2d4333727829d2b137fb93c7f4b97e4a80a7d971814e8c96e6b45549916e8254 8d30a14d550bf376baa7d07dfc74483e 1fa420199ff635493c6d860451ddbac0 d0c177326f28e64987fc422001618e87 a33b9066a14e6b8f80f6a43209d0f404 39c6e4a034654dcada95212d966317e2 ecbfe9d4d93eef74d741e819bd6a784f e95c57e2aa81abd559af2f6c061f59e2 Oscar De La Renta Pre Fall 2011 Collection 626a7d149ca3dba89a8a3ab299397e12 8e829958f2df21774a1e6610b71d77c3 f7674f103a87f6ce0d21161b0ecf1f85 5d7e98808abe9f5d8382c470f33c0676 32151340e8783813e0488aa1826c5c6d

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