Rose Gold. It’s in and in a subtle way.

Rose gold has been hot since the fall and it is NOT going away. I can’t say that I have embraced it all that much. But I was inspired by my friend Maria has really made it her own. I love all the different looks she’s been doing with the rose gold.

Here’s a survey of her and her new signature metal:

photo 4 (21) photo 3 (28) photo 2 (44) photo 1 (39)

And here’s some other well-styled rose gold. Maybe its for you too!

fab14d43a84a229cf384d32425797925 lookbook7-photo1 0283e0019c5dfe5bd61bca4a2dacb273 daf02316fc15895de8650d39e608c1e5 63c281e2bc40976f264ae669de7a6c41 2c4f3ee34ad0b675bc01efdacf91d75f (1) 76ae1be6927ec110c6bb4395bd9fae59 2cea62e2821019dfca5873908586e47d 2dfc64087eb9e4a77aab69354d39f3f0 8d02db09abe3d41a034c41d7ad51b793


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