The Navy Alternative?

I used to think that navy was only for school uniforms and business suits for IRS agents. As I have gotten older, I have fallen in love with navy as a classy, sharp alternative to my sometimes repetitive black (and there is nothing wrong with repetitive black, she writes a little defensively.)

Navy can be a great way to make your look sharp without being too urban or too dressy.
I put together 5 ideas on how to make navy feel at home in your closet!

1. Navy is PERFECT for fall color pairings. Mustard, forest green, and cranberry were MADE to be paired with navy.

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2. Navy is key in a lot of great patterns – like stripes, polka dots, and plaids — so it’s a lot of fun to put them together and let the navy be the unifying element.

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3. Navy can and should be paired with black! Don’t be afraid, it’s a chic combo. People will wish they were you!

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4. Worried navy is too serious or preppy? Pair it with denim!

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5. Navy works for evening too! You don’t have to be too brave to try navy for evening. It’s a great alternative to black and its a just a little bit unexpected.

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Perhaps the most inspiring thing I discovered while writing this post was the celebrities who favor navy are my absolute favorite when it comes to style — Taylor Swift, Duchess Katherine, Lauren Conrad, and Olivia Palermo. Those are probably my top four celebrities when it comes to consistent, classic, and ladylike fashion. All four make it their own and seem to enjoy their fair share of navy. So you are in good company when you give it a go this week!


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