Office Makeover!

I spend more concentrated time at the office than any other place. I love my job and my office is a really fun place to work. Nevertheless, it is a government building which means LOTS of beige. I took matters into my own hands after an inspiring post from Lauren Conrad’s blog.

Some of my co-workers keep it pretty simple — a law degree and maybe a copy of the Constitution. From day one, that was simply NOT enough for me. I have decorated with posters, throws, cool lamps, and nicknacks. I also have a bulletin board filled with inspiring quotes (there’s a post on them coming soon!). I thought that was enough until I got this idea from LC’s blog. Then I found them on Pinterest for a steal. These polka dots are amazing! They look great once on and come off beautifully — great for renters or offices! I finally ordered them and then that same night my friend Paige sent me a Pinterest pin with them and so then I knew I had made the right decision. She helped me put them up (she supervised me for once!). So here’s how I decorated the wall itself in my office:

photo 1 (14) photo 2 (15)

In the second pic you can see my yoga ball peaking out from under my desk and some of my awesome posters!

Now I stare at polka dots and they make me soooooo happy! I hope that my office makes my clients happy too (if not happy at least I hope they feel safe!). Yeah, polka dots! It’s amazing how a little ingenuity and creativity can really amp up a space. It makes me wonder what else I can do?!


2 thoughts on “Office Makeover!

  1. The chocolate covered almonds with a hint of Himalayan salt make me happy 🙂 love the polka dots- they are a perfect way to spruce up the place! Good job.

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