Golden Globes – A fashion review

About 2/3 of the way through, my cousin Erica texted me and said “I must not be that trendy because I am not loving these gowns.” Who else felt that way? I did. I especially hated the two camps of hair for the evening: super slicked back (BLECK!) and teased and poofy (ICK!). The good news is that with so many serious misses it makes it easy narrow down the ladies who’s stylists weren’t on hiatus or deliberately sabotaging them (which is my concern for a couple of people!).

So here are my best dressed.

#1 Tina Fey followed by #2 Amy Poehler

When the hosts walk out on stage and KILL it, both with their comic delivery and with their gowns, it’s a big day. Tina edged out Amy by looking fierce in her cranberry be-jeweled stunner. Everything about their looks was PERFECT. Dress. I die. Hair. No slicked back disaster? Love it. Make up? Subtle and just enough color. Bam, Get it girls!

#3 Best Maternity — a tie! Olivia Wilde and Kerry Washington (though if I had to choose Kerry edges Olivia out a bit but that might be because I am a smidge bias towards Kerry because she always kills it). rs_634x1024-140112163141-634.Olivia-Wilde-Golden-Globes.jl.011214


#4 Best Young Actress – Sarah Hyland

I am always a fan of what she does and she dialed it back last night in a fresh braided crown inspired by the Valentino runway look and a gorgeous soft melon Georges Hobeika dress. She looked young, fresh, and not over the top. I loved the look’s casual elegance.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals rs_634x1024-140112150202-634.Sarah-Hyland-Golden-Globes.jl.011214


#5 Best Sparkle — Sarah Paulson

I loved the sparkles and I thought her whole look was incredible well put together. From her sleek (BUT NOT SLICKED) straight hair to her sparkly earrings that added to her dress to the way the dress stopped right at the ankles to show off her shoes (and she managed to miss the disturbing return to poorly executed mullet dresses that were everywhere!!).


#6 Best Loud and Proud

Sofia Vergara stepped away from her usual bejeweled mermaid to take on this Zac Posen monster. And it worked, especially with her HUGE necklace. For someone like Sofia, it was the right look and I give her mad props for making the boldness of the dress and the necklace work and also for balancing it with soft and flowing hair. Well done.


#7 Best Jennifer Lawrence Can Do NO WRONG! 🙂

Ok, I am VP of her fan club so I almost didn’t put her on the list but I couldn’t do it. Sure, she wears Dior to everything but it’s not like they are a crappy fashion house. It’s DIOR. They have been doing it since before my mom was born. And it isn’t tired or old, in fact their dresses have found the best model there is — JLaw. She was her quirky self while rocking a fantastic and unique black and white look. I think her stylist is legit and I would want to chat with her/him as well as with Jennifer herself!



Agree or disagree? Sometimes the debate is half of the fun! Can’t wait for the Oscars!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Golden Globes – A fashion review

    • I get what they were going for but you are right I don’t know that it worked for JLaw. I’d love to see her ditch the ball gown and hit us up with something fun and unexpected but still beautiful at the Oscars! **Fingers crossed!**

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