#4. Completed!

30-Before-30 (1)

For those of you who don’t know I set myself a series of challenges to complete before I turn 30. Some are fun, some are serious and some are necessary. Here’s the list: https://adventuresinpolkadots.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/30-before-30-the-list/

#4. Be in control of my student loans.

I am not great with money and my student loans have been like a creepy stalker that never leave my mind. It’s something that effects every decision I make… I know you all know what it’s like. We all have them these things. When I got out of law school and got my dream job, it was hard if not impossible for me to deal with the stress of managing them properly so I did the worst thing possible, I ignored them. Don’t worry this isn’t a full cautionary tale just a quick warning. So don’t do this:


(That’s a ostrich with his head in the sand.)

If you are lucky like me, you have incredible friends who support you in tough times and friends who literally step in and take care of things when you freeze up or have panic attacks. My friend Paige is that person for me. Ever since the pixie debacle of 2013, Paige has been in charge of my major decisions and now managing my student loans as well. On December 31st, we (meaning Paige, while I watched) completed the process of getting my loans managed. YEAH!

iphone 9 019

Me helping…

iphone 9 020

Paige figuring out my mess.

iphone 9 026

Paige with the completed documents!


This is totally a…

mission accomplished banner 23423423

… moment. My loans aren’t paid off but they are at least now under control!

Thanks to my friends — No. 4 — get  my students loans in control —  is mission ACCOMPLISHED!!!

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