Pajama Jam!


Let’s face it. Pajamas are the BEST. I love fashion. But nothing beats clean pajamas. 10a440666a6495ea55f24f09e65d0fa80a47fcbbe35687379cd81b672745758c

I recently re-discovered how glorious pajamas can be when you had a little bit of glamour and style with the help of one of my oldest friends, Maria. We had a slumber party and discovered we both were rocking pretty classic pjs.

iphone 9 008

I was inspired to find more and I did (on amazing post-Christmas sale!)

photo 2 (41)

Check out my new leopard print jammies with neon ribbon detail. I got these and another glorious pair that are polka dot with turquoise detail ribbon.

photo 1 (38)

Pajamas come in every shape and size and there is something about wearing proper pajamas that feels very decadent to me. For most of my life, I have utilized the oversized t-shirt and baggy yoga pants method for sleep. On recently have I become re-acquainted to so to speak with the luxury that is matching pajamas… Below are some favorites.

4a59d2856db1e4c6fed63c4bcb459b10 6f30b73fa7b4fba0cdb11c8eff9c6af4  377f22072cdef06d8e8950ae1555e484 db3adddc3246a0c1c54268aa482e85b0 27d83310f1de4102d9dc17aed9be917e 3f3f78930a37771d1bc521877157ee53 c2ebc1235624631eaa1c15b9d4bea81d

In recent months, I have seen fashion blog posts that encourage a braver use of our pj pieces. They advocate taking them out of the bedroom and to the chic streets. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to an article from InStyle

It’s no joke. I do wonder if it’s one of those fashion ideas that is great for the streets of NYC or Paris during fashion week that doesn’t quite translate to every day life or in my case the halls of the courthouse.

b0d33182441645aaa53e96f93ea46b7e e46fd5635cc344aa021b8d9f6f485e2e 3f7cc6fe515f931813b00bbcfd41b879 c39fa2da6d5bf94a44f6ef96eb6ee149 fe4a7279dbba90ba5713c2a088647db4 c4cb33f330576cbd2df7567118550d52 88caa53d4aa166280e10706fbb4a3471

I am not sure if I am ready to rock pj tops in every day life. Are you?

If I was going to do it, I guess I would style it like this… maybe I will be brave enough to show up at work in my fierce pj top. I guess we will just have to wait and see…

photo 2 (42)


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