What’s the BIG deal about TINY necklaces?

Tiny necklaces have been BIG in the fashion scene for a while now. For me, I was really introduced to the idea by the character of Rachel Berry from Glee. She has worn delicate necklaces throughout the series. They are such a fixture that there have even been plot points surrounding her various necklaces. To me, that makes the character so much more real because we regular, real people change our jewelry with our moods, relationships, and whims.

Here’s some of Rachel’s necklaces:

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Take a close look at the first one, it’s a Stella and Dot favorite, so you will probably see it again.

the great thing about tiny necklaces is that they add a little bit of identity and splash of glamour to an outfit without changing the composition. Also, you can wear them by themselves and they can be very delicate. In the alternative, they make excellent layering necklaces. Like Rachel Berry, these necklaces can a bit of a signature for you. Here’s more examples of people making tiny necklaces work…

22f4a00f3ad239f5f3111a0e6c542f1c 33fcd8188f874b94e13b46fc7eff0aeb c689a4453e2bea75c865b2fa26d9204c a888c601c421d22fddcd1dd88f3ebd72e0f2cde894082da19b855256a52acb44 81e9411cffb0d10cd8d8b8afa160b65a

Santa brought me this delicate “I” and I took the liberty of styling this one for you! Enjoy!

iphone 9 017

Here’s mom rocking a cross necklace from Stella and Dot followed by Maria with her Florida necklace!

IMG_0666photo 3 (27) photo 4 (20)


And last but not least, Hannah and her adorable little guy!
photo 1 (37)




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