Tardy to the party — but I’m juicing!

I have been intrigued for a long time by the allure of juicing. People all around me have been juicing (every time I say “juicing” I think of using steroids instead of juicing fruits and vegetables but to be clear I am talking about the latter) and its seemed like such a mystery. Last week, I was walking around TJ Maxx and I saw TWO juicers for great prices. I read the reviews on both of them online and they were about the same and so it came just down to asthetics so I went with the red one!

iphone 10 005 iphone 10 006

As far as I am concerned, this juicer already looks great! And now to procure fruits and veggies!

iphone 10 007

I can already tell that this is going to be an expensive but colorful endeavor! Annnndddd let’s get to juicing…

iphone 10 008 iphone 10 009 iphone 10 010 iphone 10 011

Once I had made my juice, I realized I need to figure out some way to store them — MASON JARS!

And then, I had the truly inspired idea to paint the lids with chalkboard paint so that I could keep track of the different juices I made AND reuse the jars! Project time!

iphone 10 013 iphone 10 014 iphone 10 015

Chalkboard paint is clutch to have hanging out in your craft corner/room/box/cave. You can paint it on all sorts of things to upgrade them and their usefulness. AND it dries quickly. The ADD kid in me needs the instant gratification.

iphone 10 016

I ended up making three juices my first day out there…

1) Tropical – Pineapple, Kiwi, Grapefruit, and Apple

photo 3 (26)

2) Cleanser – Apple, Carrot, and Spinach

photo 4 (19)

3) Ginger Citrus – Lemons, Grapefruit, Apple, and Ginger

photo 2 (39)

I am going to have the best time figuring out new recipes and trying new things. This is just the beginning!

photo 5 (16)

More juicing adventures to come…

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