Plaid to the bone…

Listen, y’all, I love me some plaid. My go-to comfort outfit is my favorite red and black plaid shirt. I love being swaddled in all that plaid. I really enjoy plaid and I am drawn to it when out and about. So, I felt like it was definitely time to write a love song to plaid.

So here we go!

iphone 9 030cb2685aef1ba221c8f04c7d4aee914292f7f252485a827d87312de7f43684b6bbb4d95e0d37260189112a09af529e5d3bdf8d54445a5322fd461a11b96f92d03

9df59da1f5dc9f9eb20ee6f9062fc500 c05ac42c8dc5050f5e56afb9bda71456 6e021e55ae8bfc5a055db017b0491f5a f922025e2a48e226d78bef1754ceadae ddabdb8351764ecf1201ac7d315d58915ed82276bc303de39483e63de549aa4e 68f63cf26adc8cc546072a3bab48fb1f ca03a912eab7059e6f449bcf9db90827 beb2f3fa77ce4837236910d6e4d90962 fdca05ca6714955f0f631d647b859486

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