To wear or not to wear? The Vest Question.

Ladies have been trying on men’s fashions for a while now.

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Usually, the fall is a time where menswear sees a resurgence as a vehicle for ladies clothes. It might be the seasonal introduction of plaids, corduroys, tweeds, and layering that naturally lends itself to menswear inspiration since those materials and styles are kind of the menswear wheel house.

Dressing in menswear inspired ladies fashion has always been tricky for me. I almost always feel like a stand in for Annie Hall.

e78e999fb883dc665b64f69229a36881 7e5fb088dee6ba5f66820b4721d1fd10 cace36e6339ec76a1df83a962bd32413 695e735527729acf749301db83d86d6a(Got to love the muppets! Even they get the conundrum)

So for me, when I put on my vest or tie to try to dip my toe into the shallow end of the menswear for ladies pool, I always get a little nervous.

photo (31)

I did some recon and here’s a range of ladies rocking the look doing it right!

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Here’s my attempt:

image (25)


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