Feeling like a little DIY…

There are just days when I am browsing pinterest and think to myself, I can do that. Inspiration struck today! When I went to put on lipstick for my lunch date, I noticed that my lips were super dry and not all that pretty. I thought, “Girl, you need some lip scrub.” And I was right. 🙂

iphone 9 009

iphone 9 010

I went by Target on the way home but they did not sell lip scrub so I pinterested it — googling on Pinterest — and found a million recipes. I clicked on this pin: http://www.brit.co/sugar-lip-scrubs/ and found a large selection of simple scrubs. I went with the coconut oil, sugar, and cinnamon one and it was wonderful. I read up on the steps and learned the following.

First you scrub, then you moisturize, then lip balm. So that’s exactly what I did… Come along on the journey with me and learn how easy it is to be a DIY maven! (Hannah this whole post made me think of you. She’s wickedly clever. The girl makes her own dishwashing detergent! Check out her amazing-ness on her blog: http://eatdrinkandsavemoney.wordpress.com/)
First the scrub:

The ingredients were simple: coconut oil, sugar, cinnamon! The recipe called for 1:1 ratio between oil and sugar so I went with two teaspoons and then added two splashes of cinnamon.

iphone 9 008 iphone 9 011 iphone 9 012

Then I mixed it all together. I had to use a bit of elbow grease to break down the coconut oil. But it smoothed out. Then I applied it to my lips!

iphone 9 014iphone 9 013

But then it occurred to me that if I was going to treat my lips I ought to take care of the rest of my face. My gracious and generous friend Meg gave me these awesome masks from Target.

iphone 9 019

So I thought I would go full beauty day and do mask and lip scrub. (You are welcome in advance.)

iphone 9 015

When I was done with the scrub (basically rubbed in and licked it off — it was DELICIOUS!) I moved on to stage two of lip maintenance, moisturize — using Vaseline!

iphone 9 017

iphone 9 018

After the 15 minutes was up on my face, I used warm water to wash the whole thing. And then it was time for the final step for the lips: lip balm. I got the new Maybelline “Baby Lips: Dr. Rescue.” I’ll admit I found the commercial compelling and it’s basically the only reason I bought it (so well done Maybelline) but so far I am liking it.

iphone 9 022 iphone 9 024 iphone 9 025

And et voila! I am done.

iphone 9 020

Hopefully, when I go to put on lipstick tomorrow I won’t have the same dry, scraggly lips! DIY, at least in this case, was fun and easy. Maybe next time I will make my own masks! That sounds like fun, right?


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