NYE – Time to party in style!


Getting ready for New Year’s Eve is always an adventure for me! It’s basically the ultimate for someone like me who loves playful clothes and sequins. I mean it’s appropriate for that one day to have sparkly eye makeup and a sparkly dress! It’s heaven on Earth!


I heard that the trend this year is to pair your party finery with a messy hair look. Well, fashion world, we did that last year! Above you see Mall and me rocking sequins and casual chic (and ADORABLE toppers!).

It’s so easy to dress for New Year’s Eve with confidence. Let me tell you why! First of all, just put on something with sequins. A cardi with sequins over a LBD and BAM you are done. For the sassier amongst us, a sequin dress with tights never fails. Going to a more causal party? Try skinny jeans with an off the shoulder sequin blouse or a black blouse with a statement necklace that sparkles. There is such a range of options out there and you can get great cheap options at places like H&M and Forever 21. If it’s short, wear tights or leggings. You’ll be more comfortable that way. And don’t feel like you have to wear heels — boots or flats are absolutely appropriate. Another fun option is to toss in bright colors, like a neon lip or a bright shoe over tights with black or metallics. Be bold and be brave but most of all have fun. NYE is great fun because it’s a night to play around a little and enjoy a little extra sparkle.

Here’s some looks to inspire you to have fun when getting geared up for NYE!

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Last year we had a blast on NYE. Here’s some pics that prove the truth of that statement and also as proof of how fun it can be to get sparkly for NYE!

75379_572185893221_98463552_n 577923_572185998011_736225657_n 603281_572185948111_2107161285_n


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